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Frequently Asked Questions

What private services does Clive Aldrich offer?

His services include medical and surgical management of gynaecological conditions, ultrasound screening and a variety of investigations and surgical procedures, including obstetric ultrasound and prenatal screening and diagnosis.

Do I need private medical insurance to get private treatment?

No, you can come for a consultation at any time, and finance your treatment yourself if you wish. You may be able to claim on your medical insurance policy or through a private health care plan for consultations, treatments and surgery.

Do I need a referral from my GP to have a consultation?

Not necessarily. Whilst it is preferable to have a GP referral Mr Aldrich is aware that this is not always possible and you can still contact him directly for an appointment.

Is my GP kept informed?

Your GP will be informed of the result of any consultation, unless you specifically request otherwise.

Do you offer a Well Woman consultation?

Yes, and Mr Aldrich also offers continuing yearly gynaecological check-ups to monitor and maintain your reproductive health.

I have a persistent problem with painful periods. Can you help?

Yes. Mr Aldrich can consult on a wide range of women’s health issues, such as vaginal discharge, female soreness, thrush, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, chlamydia, painful intercourse, menopausal symptoms, abnormal bleeding − and painful periods.

How can I record my urinary symptoms?

Urinary incontinence and symptoms of frequency and urgency are often encountered by women, and Mr Aldrich will ask you to complete a urinary diary that you can find here.  Investigations such as cystoscopy may also be undertaken.

What private scans and tests do you offer?

Mr Aldrich can personally perform a trans-abdominal and trans-vaginal pelvic ultrasound scan or any other tests that are required.

Can I have a second opinion?

Yes. Mr Aldrich understands that this is often important for a variety of different reasons. He is more than happy to give you his expert opinion to help you understand your diagnosis and offer treatment options should you wish.

Do you do telephone consultations?

Of course, for some conditions it is obviously important to have a face to face consultation but Mr Aldrich is more than happy to have a virtual consultation with you initially.

How long does a consultation last?

In general, a new consultation lasts 30 minutes and follow up consultation 15 minutes. However, Mr Aldrich will take as long as needed to help you with your problem.

To ask any other questions, please call Mr Aldrich’s private secretary, Astrid on 07595188816, or simply make an appointment to see Mr Aldrich here: