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A preventative health screening service to assess your current state of health and catch early signs of illness

Pelvic examination and ultrasound scan

Vaginal swabs

CA 125 blood test

Ovarian cancer screening

Cervical smears with or without colposcopy


Cancer risk reduction surgery

As your private gynaecologist, Mr Aldrich can offer you regular check-ups and screening that ensures that your personal health is monitored with sympathy, understanding and diligence.  At this appointment you can discuss any issues you may have, however minor you think they are.  This would consist of a pelvic examination and ultrasound scan, with the option of vaginal swabs and blood tests if felt appropriate.

Ovarian cancer screening

Mr Aldrich is able to offer you a screening service for ovarian cancer, which will include a pelvic assessment, ultrasound scan and a CA 125 blood test.


There are such a variety of contraceptive medications and devices, that it is often difficult to know which is best for you.   Mr Aldrich would be able to discuss all the options with you and help you decide what is best for your body.

Cervical smears/Colposcopy

Some ladies often find it difficult to have a smear taken and others prefer to have an annual smear rather than wait for the normal 3 or 5 year recall.  Mr Aldrich is able to do this for you with or without a full well-woman check.  If you are found to have an abnormal smear/ HPV changes, Mr Aldrich is an accredited Colposcopist and will be able to perform a private colposcopy with biopsy and/or treatment to the cervix, as needed.

Cancer Risk Reduction surgery

If you have been found to have the BRAC gene and/or have a family history of ovarian and breast cancer, you may decide you wish to take preventative measures. Mr Aldrich is happy to discuss with you the pros and cons of a bilateral salpingo oophorectomy (removal of the fallopian tubes and ovaries) and any issues this may raise, including HRT.